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Android Music Market


Posted on 28 November 2011 by Delta Dreams

CDBABY was one of the first companies to distribute independent music CDs and MP3s to stores like iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon. It was a godsend for independent musicians. Before it was nearly impossible to get our music distributed and seen next to major label artists like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, etc. CDBABY charged […]

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Depeche Mode – Dream On (Remixed By Delta Dreams)

Posted on 24 November 2011 by Delta Dreams

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Gino Verna Graphic Designer

Interview with Gino Verna Graphic Designer

Posted on 08 November 2011 by Delta Dreams

Interview With Gino Verna, Graphic Designer I interviewed my good long time friend Gino Verna who also helped design the Delta Dreams logo. I’ve been wanting to have a consistent brand logo for the music project for many years to help unify it. His responses to my questions were very profound and interesting on the […]

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Why the Most Popular Music Is Not Always the Best

Posted on 01 June 2012

I’m not sure why there needed to be research on this but I suppose having a study that demonstrates that the popularity is independent of the quality means something to musicians who make music that is considered to be avantgarde. Continue Reading

Google Robert Moog Doodle

Google Moog Doodle

Posted on 23 May 2012

Google celebrated the 78th birthday of the late Robert Moog (pronounced Moge), the inventor the Moog synthesizer. The electronic keyboard is playable, recordable, and shareable on and was developed in HTML 5. I never owned a Moog synthesizer but I do have sample libraries and software synthesizers that were based on the Moog. I […] Continue Reading

Source of Uncertainty Indiegogo

Posted on 08 May 2012

You can donate to this project by visiting: You should definitely check out SONOIO music project by Alessandro Cortini (NIN keyboardist, Recoil Remixer) Continue Reading

RIP Adam Yauch – Beastie Boys

Posted on 05 May 2012

“I want to say a little something that’s long overdue/ The disrespect to women has got to be through” — MCA, The Beastie Boys Continue Reading

All Day Music Video

Posted on 02 May 2012

It has been quite some time since I posted something music related here. I apologize. Life got in the way. I’m graduating from Grad School in a couple of weeks so time has been cleared up. I’m excited to pursue creative things again. I was cleaning the desktop off my iMac and stumbled upon this […] Continue Reading

Someone Like You (Adele Breakbeat Cover)

Someone Like You (Adele Breakbeat Cover)

Posted on 01 February 2012

SOMEONE LIKE YOU Covering Adele’s Someone Like You was originally meant to be just fun for the singer and I. Continue Reading